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Every Last Drop

  • Summary:
    A fun, interactive website about water conservation
  • Client:
    Nice and Serious / Waterwise
  • Services used:
    Scripting / Storyboarding / Web Design / Web Development / Motion Graphics
  • Project link:

The Brief
As far as water is concerned, 2012 was a big year. Not only did the UK experience painful water shortages, it was also devastated by record-breaking floods. And it looks as though 2013 will be just as saturated with aqua issues, with the UN dubbing it the Year of Water Cooperation. With all this in mind, Nice and Serious decided it was time people learnt a bit more about their water usage and that we can all do our bit to reduce it!

The Project
With creative support from the entire Nice and Serious team, web designer extraordinaire Peter Larkin built a fun, interactive parallaxing website based on a day in the life of an “average joe”. Through this quirky little character, going about his daily tasks, the viewer is able to learn more about how water is wasted in our lives, often without us realising it. The website concludes in a short animation about saving water, created by the highly skilled Nice and Serious animation team.

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