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Our Team

The team at Nice and Serious are both passionate and knowledgeable about environmental, ethical, social, health and development issues. We’re also pretty good at making films, animations, websites and other fun digital stuff.

Meaker Our Team

Ben Meaker

Co-Founder and Director

Ben founded Nice and Serious to bring together his love of the moving image and his passion for sustainability. Ben has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia and a Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College London. Ben has a keen eye for photography and enjoys using the medium of film to tell engaging stories about people and the environment. Ben has previously worked for a number of sustainability communications agencies in London where he learned how to combine science, social marketing and advertising to create engaging messages. In 2009 and 2010, Ben was listed as one of the Future 100 Ethical Entrepreneurs of the year after setting up Nice and Serious with Tom.

Tapper Our Team

Tom Tapper

Co-Founder and Director

Tom founded Nice and Serious as he passionately believed that film was the most powerful way of communicating sustainability. Tom has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia as well as a Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College London. During his studies, he read extensively on communicating environmental issues, and wrote his Masters thesis on communicating sustainability through the medium of film. Tom also dedicates time to communicating environmental issues to the wider public, having given talks at the Natural History Museum, the Bank of America and the University of East Anglia.

Matt Our Team

Matthew Harmer

Self-Shooting Producer

Matt brings an eye for the perfect shot to the Nice and Serious team. He has a degree in Marine and Environmental Biology from the University of St Andrews and a Masters in Science Media Production from Imperial College London. He has worked in a variety of roles on numerous television productions which have been broadcast on channels such as National Geographic and Sky. Matt’s interest in film ranges from Hollywood classics to investigative documentary and he believes there is scope for  change in the way the natural world is portrayed through film.

verity cowper Our Team

Verity Cowper

Producer / Director

Having completed a Biology degree and Masters in Biological Photography and Imaging at Nottingham University, Verity went to South Africa to hone her media skills filming children and animals, together. Following this experience she returned to London where she has continued to work for the last 5 years as a self-shooting Producer/Director with a bit of presenting thrown in. Verity has a passion for informing and entertaining sustainability issues through the media and has worked on communicating a range of environmental subjects for a variety of clients – everything from broader climate-change topics to local, community-based, technology projects, in the UK and beyond.

Duncan Our Team

Duncan Morrison


Duncan has worked in science/factual TV for the past four years, predominately for BBC World News. As part of his varied career Duncan has filmed in Africa, South Asia and Europe and has set up shoots in pretty much every other continent. He has a degree in Marine and Environmental Biology from St Andrews University and a Masters in Science Media Production from Imperial College. He believes strongly in communicating science to a wider audience and feels film and animation is an ideal way to do this.

NickE Our Team

Nick Earp

Senior Editor

A creative and experienced chopper, Nick has spent many years locked away in dark rooms editing a wide variety of content for clients such as Universal, Monkey Kingdom, Levi’s, Ministry of Sound, Bebo, AEI Media and Eigenlabs. Now on a mission to do more for our world’s sustainability than be a kamikaze cyclist and grow broccoli in Brockley, he’s joined up with a nice team to make serious films.

Sera Our Team

Serafima Serafimova

Edit Assistant

Serafima is an artist with a passion for environmental and ethical issues. After graduating with a Fine Art degree from Camberwell College of Arts she joined Nice and Serious. Initially a Researcher and Production Assistant she very quickly discovered a talent and love for editing. As an Edit Assistant she has worked on many of our major productions.

Muzza Our Team

Nick Murray Willis


Nick’s skills have been honed through a  foundation in fine art and his passion lies is tying strong concepts to unique characters that capture the imagination. He has a degree in traditional animation at Solent University and has over 6 years of experience using After Effects, Flash and 3DS Max to create imaginative and inventive films. His style of animation is particularly suited for hand drawn elements.

Blade1 Our Team

Dominik Grejc

Motion Graphics Designer & 3D Artist

Dominik has passion for film and storytelling and been making films since he was a wee lad. Following an art course, he launched himself into the weird and wonderful world of motion graphics and decided to study Digital Design and Vancouver Film School. He graduated in 2012 with flying colours and has now joined Nice and Serious to help create compelling stories through motion and 3D animation.

Larkin Our Team

Peter Larkin

Web Designer & Developer

Peter has been tinkering away as a web designer and developer for the last four years now, building websites for a diverse array of clients. He has a degree in Human Sciences from University College London and a Masters in Science Media Production from Imperial College London. With a passion for the latest web standards, Peter is keen to create stunning websites and interactive media to engage people with environmental and social issues.

Reimo Õun

Motion Graphics Designer

Reimo is the biggest thing that’s come out of Estonia since Skype. He’s a skilled and highly creative motion graphics designer, whose flair and passion for animation comes through in all of his work. He has a particular talent for hand-drawn sketching and textured compositing. Reimo started his career working for Ogilvy, before deciding to come and join the Nice and Serious team for our focus on environmental and ethical projects. A little-known fact is that he used to be a national footballer and hacky sack champion.

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